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Badminton Coaching for the Masses has two components. The first is to impart technical skills like throwing technique, Vertical jump, Movement skills, and Motor control to the participants. The second is to make exercise a part of their daily life. Together these two help an individual lead a better life. 

The objective of the academy is to enroll young children to make physical activity part of their lives. Participation in sports during childhood influences physical activity in adulthood.

Most of our grown-up efforts at exercising tend to be solitary pursuits. Walking Running, bicycling and lifting weights. Playing a sport is as much of a social outing as it is a physical experience. Mental benefits outweigh the physical as the objective is personal wellness rather than competitive fitness. The games might have less pressure but they will be competitive and often exciting. You will even have fans!

Our objective :If you have played the game we will enrich your experience, If you are new to the game we will help you embrace it.

Badminton at the competitive level is very demanding. Badminton players need to excel in physical, tactical, psychological and technical traits. The speed of the game requires elite badminton players to be tactically very good. This includes a high level of visual fitness – for reading the play, anticipating actions and making good strategic decisions. Indeed, elite players have a shorter reaction time to visual stimulus.

There are lot of input required like coaches Infrastructure, Tools and Technology to create champions.

The intake is limited to 30 and the objective is to have at least 5 Players Ranked in the Top 15 at the national level in their age category and to dominate the local tournaments like District and State.

The below Principles Guide us towards these objectives
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